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All the Tutorials I have Made, Currently, I have General Clothing, General Makeup, General Prop/Accessories, General Techniques, Vocaoid, Homestuck, Pokemon, Madoka Magica and CATHERINE Tutorials/Patterns

I’m down for making tutorials or patterns, on things just shot me message!

if a link doesn’t work let me know

General Clothing
Arm Leg Warmer Tutorial 

General Makeup
Basic Cosplay Makeup
Basic  Cosplay Makeup for Beginners 
Crossplay Makeup

General Prop/Accessories
Eye-patch Tutorial
Simple Headband Tutorial 
Making a Top Hat (Part 1) Tutorial

General Techniques
Dyeing Fabric/Clothes


Making Matryoshka Sweater
Vocaloid Arm Design 

Matryoshka Makeup 

How to style a Len Kagamine Wig
Styling a Len Kagamine Wig Ver.2

Vocaloid Arm Design Pattern
Magnet Angel Wing Pattern
Oliver-Dal Sengo Design Pattern

Making A Meulin Leijon Kitty Sweater Tutorial

Eridan Ampora Wig

Meulin Kitty Patterns
Dave Strider Shirt Designs 
Derse/Prospit Shirt Designs
Eridan Shirt Design

Madoka Magica
Mami Tomoe Feather Clip

Making PokeBall Props

Pikachu Makeup


How To Make a CATHERINE shirt Tutorial 

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I'm Alex, But I go by Pockytheif. I'm a cosplayer in Illinois within the United States. who likes to make cosplays. Hurrr (≧∇≦)/.
And post random stuff.

I like cute things,food,fashion,making videos,culture,anime,cosplaying and Sherlock.
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